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Kaweco Collection Sport 2023 限量版 富山冷光藍 Toyama Teal 鋼筆



庫存狀況: 尚有庫存

品 牌: Kaweco

產品型號: 11000205

現金回贈: $ 2.77

標籤:  Kaweco COLLECTION Fountain Pen Toyama Teal

A phenomenal spectacle meets the Kaweco Sport

A wonderfully beautiful spectacle of nature can be observed during spring nights at certain places all over the world. One of these places is in Japan. At the coast of the district Toyama – the namesake ...

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Colour: Blue
Writing System: Fountain Pen
Material: Plastic
Weight: 10,7 g
Length opened: 13 cm
Length closed: 10,5 cm
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