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BonArtek 3952 Fountain Pen Nibs Aesthetics

BonArtek 3952 Fountain Pen Nibs Aesthetics

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The nib is using German BOCK BB nibs (Round on right-hand side) to left side after grinding.

#BB into "Horizontal knife"




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3952 is the height of the Mount Jade, Taiwan, and all pens are hand-made by BonArtek.All Chinese need to learn writing and thus calligraphy is the beauty of writing that we not only need to pratise with our writing skills, but also an unique with beautiful writing instrument is the knife of calligrapher! Love to write, then pick up the one you like from 3952 pen which each has its own characteristics due to the maker create each with his hand. None are the same and depends on what you like, you need to love the beauty but also accept the flaw. This is LOVE...

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