Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport鋼筆 2022限量版

Kaweco x Hello Kitty AL Sport鋼筆 2022限量版

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  • 特殊蛋白石綠色,帶金色飾邊/銀色飾邊
  • 筆身上的 “ Kaweco x Hello Kitty” 採用暗刻技術,深層鐳射雕刻技術完工後才進行陽極氧化處理採用鋁製筆身,以陽極與噴砂處理產生獨特的霧面金屬質感
  • 特殊的藍綠色分別搭配金色造型筆尖、筆夾與銀色造型筆尖、筆夾
  • 全球限量一次性生產
    Kaweco Sport 緊跟 1935 年的 Kaweco 八角形設計
  • 緊湊的尺寸手感恰到好處,4.1 英寸長 (105 毫米) 閉合,5.1 英寸長 (130 毫米) 打開,直徑略超過 1/2 英寸 (14 毫米)
  • 由實心鋁坯銑削、激光雕刻和噴砂,以產生獨特的亞光飾面
  • 這支筆具有一個旋蓋以提供額外的安全性,一個 Jowo 製造的 24k 鍍金/鍍鉻鋼筆尖 F,Hello Kitty 的表面機械地印在筆尖板上,
  • 以及一個鍍金/鍍鉻金屬 Kaweco 帽尖上的標誌
  • 它配有一個 Kaweco Nostalgic 金色/銀色筆夾、一個藍色墨盒,讓您立即開始書寫,並附在一個 Kaweco 銀色金屬錫盒和一個特別設計的套筒中
  • 德國製造
    Kaweco x Hello Kitty 全球產量極少。


Kaweco Collection Hello Kitty Special Edition Opal Kaweco AL Sport Fountain Pen Gold Trim F Nib
$ 1,280$ 1,280

Special Opal Green colour with gold trim / silver trimThe Kaweco Sport closely follows the original 1935 Kaweco octagonal designCompact size feels just right in your hand, 4.1" long (105mm) closed, 5.1" long (130mm) open, and slightly over 1/2" in diameter (14mm)Milled from solid aluminium blanks, laser engraved, and sandblasted to produce a unique matt finishThe logo “Kaweco x Hello Kitty” is subtly branded on the cap by shadow engraving, which means that the pen is engraved before anodizationThe pen features a screw-on cap for extra security, a Jowo made 24k gold-plated / chromium-plated steel nib F with the face of Hello Kitty mechanically stamped onto the nib plate, and a gold-plated/chromium-plated metal Kaweco logo on the cap tipIt comes with a Kaweco Nostalgic gold/silver color pen clip, a blue ink cartridge to get you started writing right away and presented in a Kaweco silver metal tin box with a specially designed sleeveMade in GermanyThe timeless model of the Sport series made of high-quality plastic in fresh colors In 1911 something special was created with the Kaweco Sport. The pocket fountain pen is only 10.5 cm long when closed and can therefore be carried with you without any problems. When the cap is repositioned, it grows to a normal size of 13 cm. Writing System: Fountain Pen Material: Aluminium Colour: Opal Length posted: 13 cm Length closed: 10,5 cm Weight: 20 g ..