Kaweco/Waldmann/Leuchttrum1917/ IWI


Kaweco CLASSIC SPORT Ballpen Green 原子筆 Kaweco FROSTED SPORT Fountain Pen Blush Pitaya 鋼筆

Kaweco AL SPORT Gel Roller RAW 鋁原材走珠筆



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品 牌: Kaweco

產品型號: 10000665

現金回贈: $ 6.20

標籤:  走珠筆

Contemporary design made of high-quality aluminium for an incomparable writing feel.

Thanks to the untreated aluminium, the AL Sport roller ball Raw quickly develops an individual patina.

The metallic body is made of high-quality aluminium and grants a unique haptic experience. Its fine ...

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Colour: Silver
Writing System: Rollerball
Material: Aluminium
Weight: 23 g
Length opened: 13 cm
Length closed: 10,5 cm