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Kaweco LILIPUT Nostalgic Clip Silver "M" Fountain Pen and Ball Pen with Cap



庫存狀況: 尚有庫存

品 牌: Kaweco

產品型號: 11000302

標籤:  clippenandLiliputisnotdoesfitdiameterwithsuitableforfountainballThecapmmseries.Attention:Thison

Our clip in the historic Kaweco design

The curved clip has adorned Kaweco pens since 1930 and can be easily slid onto the pen.

An exact diameter guarantees a precise fit so that the clip does not slip off the writing instrument.

With a diameter of 9.5 mm, this clip is suitable for the fountain pen and the ball pen with cap pen of the Liliput series.

Attention: This clip does not fit on the Liliput ballpoint pen without cap.

The clip is available in bronze, silver and black.

Colour: Silver
Weight: 2 g
Suitable for: LILIPUT Fountain Pen, LILIPUT Kappenkugelschreiber
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