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鉛筆素描 筆芯


Kaweco 3.2mm Graphite Lead 5B Pack of 6pc

Tried and tested The Kaweco replacement pencil leads are made of graphite and are available in 3.2 and 5.6 mm line widths with a hardness of 5B. Thus, they are soft and especially suitable fo..

Kaweco All Purpose 5.6 mm - 3 pcs (Yellow, Blue, Green)

Whether stone, glass or wood, these wax-based leads write on all solid surfaces The writing can be wiped off, the leads are available in different colours. Where many products fail or leave ugly ..

Kaweco Corrector Cords White 5,6 mm 3 pcs.

For our sketch Up Corrector, there are the matching eraser cords for refilling in a set of 3. They are exceptionally gentle on the paper and leave it undamaged and almost free of residues. With..

Kaweco EURO Rollerball Refill Black 0.7 mm - 1 pc

DIN EURO Rollerball refill For all our bigger rollerball writing instruments, Kaweco offers black Euro refills with a 0.7 mm (fine) line width. Its ceramic ball gives the refill an especially even..

Kaweco Pencil Leads 5.6mm x3pc (紅黃藍三原色可混出不同顏色) 10000380

紅黃藍三原色可混出不同顏色Kaweco Pencil Leads 5.6mm x 80mm - (紅、黃、藍色) SKETCH UP KAWECO Sketch Up 素描用自動鉛筆 *5.6mm ..

Kaweco Pencil Leads All Purpose Blue5.6 mm - 3 pcs

Egal ob Stein, Glas oder Holz, diese Minen auf Wachsbasis schreiben auf allen festen Untergründen Das Geschriebene ist abwischbar, die Minen in verschiedenen Farben erhältlich. Wo viele Produ..

Kaweco Pencil Leads All Purpose Green5.6 mm - 3 pcs

The luxurious sports model made of aluminum and carbon in bold colors. This pocket filler has closed only a size of 10.5 cm and can thus be easily carried in the bag with him. With the cap reversed ..

Kaweco Pencil Leads All Purpose Mix 3.2 mm - 6 pcs

Whether stone, glass or wood, these wax-based refills write on all solid surfaces The refills are available in different colors. This pack includes a mix of them for a more colorful writing experi..

Kaweco Pencil Leads All Purpose red, blue, green Mix 5.6 mm - 3 pcs

無論是石頭、玻璃或木材,這些蠟基筆芯均可在所有固體表面上書寫 筆芯有不同顏色可供選擇。 該包包含了它們的組合,以提供更加豐富多彩的寫作體驗。 當許多其他產品失敗或留下難看的痕跡時,「Alleschreiber」* 筆芯因其無殘留擦拭能力而成為真正的替代品。 *Alllesschreiber 是德語,意思是:可以在任何固體表面上書寫的鉛筆。 ..

Kaweco Pencil Leads Black 1.18 mm HB - 12 pcs 鉛筆芯

適合 Kaweco Elite, 20世紀中英國製英國 Yard-O-Led 或 Sampson Mordan 機械古董鉛芯筆1.18mm Pencil leads compatible with Yard-O-Led pencils.Contains 12 Graphite Leads in HB grade in 1.18mm ..

Kaweco Pencil Leads Highlighter (Yellow, Green, Orange) Mix 5.6 mm - 3 pcs

Passend sind die Minen für die SKETCH UP Fallbleistifte. Die Farben sind kräftig und auf Wachsbasis entwickelt. Textmarker einfach Umweltfreundlich. ..

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