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Founded by Adolf Waldmann in 1918, the mechanical pencils were mainly made of gold and 925 silver at the beginning of the establishment. Adhering to a long history and tradition, 925 silver has been used to manufacture high-quality writing instruments. Waldmann is still one of the few German writing brands that still insists on being 100% made in Germany. All pens are hand-made by in-house craftsmen.
Made in Germany, noble gift box, 925 sterling silver pen body, ten years warranty

Adámas Ball Pen

香港【筆先生】-網上鋼筆專門店提供德國高級純銀 Waldmann鋼筆正版正貨, 歡迎大灣區客戶來港取貨量大折扣請提早預約方便提貨。ball pen, barley pattern / plain..

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Editorial Edition, fountain pen, black lacquer, hand engraved, 18K gold nib EF

Editorial Edition, fountain pen, black lacquer, hand engraved, 18K gold nib EF5770..

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Époque - Catch Me If You Can 筆身為純銀925 雙色原子筆

捉智雙雄 Catch Me If You Can 嘅簽名筆Époque Ball pen4461扭轉機制轉筆芯顏色兩支備用筆芯藍色和紅色精美的大麥圖案與雕刻圖案內部有張力的鉚接鋼夾組件鍍銠筆身為純銀9..

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MANAGER (piston filling system) + Waldmann 18K Gold Nib

Fountain pen with 18K Gold nib0161iridium tipped stainless steel nibcap with screw systemwide deep l..

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Waldmann Voyager, roller ball, rose gold matt (Free Delivery)

香港【筆先生】-網上鋼筆專門店提供德國高級純銀 Waldmann鋼筆正版正貨, 歡迎大灣區客戶來港取貨量大折扣請提早預約方便提貨。..

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Waldmann Xetra pattern on black lacquer fountain pen, steel nib F VIP-Offer

香港【筆先生】-網上鋼筆專門店提供德國高級純銀 Waldmann鋼筆正版正貨, 歡迎大灣區客戶來港取貨量大折扣請提早預約方便提貨。Product SpecificationsLength: 5.4 i..

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Use this beautiful and sophisticated leather pouch to hold one or two standard size pens.Features:Ge..

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香港【筆先生】-網上鋼筆專門店提供德國高級純銀 Waldmann鋼筆正版正貨, 歡迎大灣區客戶來港取貨量大折扣請提早預約方便提貨。Fountain pen with steel nibF - 2252..

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