Waldmann Two-In-One Fountain and Ballpoint Pens

Brand: Waldmann
Product Code: 4746

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Two-in-one with steel nibF - 4746M - 4432B - 4747iridium tipped stainless steel nibcap with screw systemfine barley pattern with engraving spacesolid clip with tension insidecomponent parts rhodium platedMassives Sterlin... Read more...


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Two-in-one with steel nib

F - 4746

M - 4432

B - 4747

iridium tipped stainless steel nib

cap with screw system

fine barley pattern with engraving space

solid clip with tension inside

component parts rhodium plated

Massives Sterling Silber 925

Ball Pen with push cap action mechanism incl. 1 spare refill blue ink colour

Tags: Fountain Pen, Ball Pen