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【Pen's Meeting】618 Shanghai St Mongkok 2021 July

【Pen's Meeting】618 Shanghai St Mongkok 2021 July

Posted By: 筆先生

【Pen's Meeting】618 Shanghai Street Mongkok  2021 July

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Kaweco managed to integrate passionate emotions into this writing instrument. We proudly present the first Kaweco in „light-weight design“: The AC Sport!For the Kaweco Sport ballpens fit the D1 Spare refills which you can get here in our shop.The AC Sport was inspired by the today's sports car construction. Aluminum and carbon are no longer just decorative elements but influence many things in dynamism and efficiency of a vehicle. In addition to the appearance they influence the writing comfort of a pen by feel and weight.Colour:     RedMaterial:     AluminumWriting system:     Ballpen..

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Das glamouröse Modell aus elegantem Messing Please note: This raw material will change its patina during usage. Writing System: Fountain Pen Material: Brass Colour: Brown Length posted: 16,5 cm Length closed: 13 cm ..

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Level up your handwriting easily. The word calligraphy is derived from the Greek words "kallos" (pretty) and "graphien" (carve, engrave, write). It implies the aspect of recording a text in a pretty and expressive manner. For all of you, ... + Mehr lesen Writing System: Fountain Pen Material: Plastic Colour: Blue Length posted: 14 cm Length closed: 15,5 cm ..

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Druckbleistift der hochwertigen Serie aus Aluminium in aktuellen Farben Die Serie wird komplettiert durch einen Druckbleistift mit 0,7 mm Strichstärke. Die Kaweco Ersatzminen für den Druckbleistift haben den mittleren Härtegrad HB. Seine hochwertige und präzise Mechanik stammt aus Japan. Der metallische Körper aus hochwertigem Aluminium verleiht diesem Schreibgeräte die besondere Haptik. Writing System: Mechanical Pencil Material: Aluminium Colour: Deep Red ..

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