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One Page See ALL of Kaweco

One Page See ALL of Kaweco

Posted By: 筆先生

KAWECO series in proportion ratio display

Pen Types:

1. Fountain Pen Nib Size :  EF, F, M, B, BB
*We stock (EF nib) as default option

2. Gel Roller Pen 0.7mm (Come with Black ink)

3. Ball Pen (Come with Blue ink)

4. Pencil
Push Pencil   | Clutch Pencil

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Kaweco BRASS Sport Ball Gel Roller

Neuste Technik aus Gel Mine und Keramikkugel in klassischem Design aus hochwertigem Messing mit individueller Note Please note: This raw material will change its patina during usage. Writing System: Rollerball Material: Brass Colour: Brown ..

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Kaweco AL SPORT Gel Roller Anthracite Gel Roller Pen

Kaweco AL SPORT Gel Roller Anthracite Gel Roller Pen anthracite Writing System: Rollerball Material: Aluminium Colour: Anthracite ..

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老山羊葛瑪蘭鋼筆小葉紫檀木 金沙書法鈦尖

以台灣宜蘭古地名命名, 優雅書法鈦尖書法尖基本書寫款, 鋁合金車製平面無紋路雕刻沙鉻電鍍旋轉筆蓋 ,  送拉鍊開合黑色仿皮收藏筆套尺寸: 148mm 長, 筆蓋直徑15.9mm 筆桿直徑14.1mm 筆桿含筆尖130mm長, 筆重約43公克, 德國製吸墨器 書寫有回饋性的德製鈦尖書法尖,  寫出粗細更加有變化的漢字,寫出自己獨到的品味很受歡迎的鐵刀木(有特別的氣孔跟自然紋路,隨機出貨)手工調整的書法尖1.寫書法尖一般建議是先沾墨磨合一段時間再用吸墨器2.如用吸墨器會斷墨看手持尖的角度,左右銥點要同時落在紙面上不可偏一邊寫。再會斷墨看看筆尖上是不是卡了紙纖維毛屑。3.拔掉吸墨器重心上墨試試。4.筆尖先洗一洗如果左右銥點偏一邊寫再加上 用力壓尖容易造成銥點錯位,就是左右有高低落差,會刮紙,積紙屑在尖縫5.書法尖是用EF尖去調整成有弧度的尖,寫出粗細不是靠壓尖,是靠持筆的角度,利用筆尖前端的弧度去寫出粗細。筆拿直一點,筆尖跟紙的接處面積少,寫出的線條就細,持筆的角度越傾斜,筆尖跟紙的接處面積越大寫出的線條就越粗。能夠寫粗或細是靠自己的熟練度跟功力。  ..

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Change Journal Leuchtturm1917 hk

https://www.change-journal.com/examplesThe Change Journal contains 24 effective and simple methods which can help you to improve your own productivity and organisation. Best practice from different sources, put together and condensed to the essentials to understand, try, document – a few minutes a day are enough.The 24 Methods:Water  -  Thanks  -  Rewards  -  Circle Trick  -  Digital Detox  -  Eisenhower Principle  -  Habits  -  Clarity  -  Pitch  -  Yourself  -  Compliments  -  Reading  -  Marginal Gains  -  No  -  Single Tasking  -  Clearing Out  -  Pareto  -  Principle  -  Comfort Zone  -  Strengths  -  Essentialism  -  Goals  -  Pomodoro Technique  -  Emails  -  Saving  -  JournalingEvery method is familiar and approved. Matching templates help documenting the individual progress.„Motivation gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.“ – Jim RyunDetails:• Cover: Anthracite with copper logo embossing• Format: Medium (145 x 210 mm)• 294 pages• 2 bookmarks• High paper quality (100 g/sqm)• Stickers for labelling and archiving• Gusseted pocket for small notes..

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收藏級牛角 - 色澤柔和,淺中帶深色難找,質地堅實中手感光滑細膩溫潤,牛角本身是中藥的一種,因此牛角製品有一定的保健作用。使用牛角不會產生靜電。長: 145mm, 筆蓋外徑15.8mm , 筆身連筆尖長度127mm, 筆身外徑14.7mm重量 :52公克裝獨家德國山羊BOCK特調書法鈦尖, 筆尖上有3952玉山高度刻記老山羊特製手工研磨打造特有彈性書法尖, 書寫度一流, 寫出粗細分明有毛筆字的韻味手工調整的書法尖 1.寫書法尖一般建議是先沾墨磨合一段時間再用吸墨器2.如用吸墨器會斷墨看手持尖的角度,左右銥點要同時落在紙面上不可偏一邊寫。再會斷墨看看筆尖上是不是卡了紙纖維毛屑。3.拔掉吸墨器重心上墨試試。4.筆尖先洗一洗 如果左右銥點偏一邊寫再加上 用力壓尖容易造成銥點錯位,就是左右有高低落差,會刮紙,積紙屑在尖縫5.書法尖是用EF尖去調整成有弧度的尖,寫出粗細不是靠壓尖,是靠持筆的角度,利用筆尖前端的弧度去寫出粗細。筆拿直一點,筆尖跟紙的接處面積少,寫出的線條就細,持筆的角度越傾斜,筆尖跟紙的接處面積越大寫出的線條就越粗。能夠寫粗或細是靠自己的熟練度跟功力。 ..

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Kaweco STEEL SPORT Fountain Pen+14k Gold nib (Pre-Order Only) take time to wait

The heaviest model in the Sport series made of fine, brushed stainless steelThis pocket fountain pen is 10.5 cm tall when closed and grows to a normal size of 13 cm with the cap replaced.The raw stainless steel gets a brushed finish and thus gets its elegance. Due to the high weight of the model, the writing instrument presses lightly on the paper by itself. This enables longer writing. Writing System: Fountain Pen Material: Stainless Steel Colour: Silver Length posted: 13 cm Length closed: 10,5 cm ..

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MAGNA CARTA - Elements Earth - Pneumatic Filling System

Specification Made from Precious resin.Cap Mechanism : ThreadedFilling Mechanism : Pneumatic Filling systemFinish : PVD 24K GOLD platingNib Material : Stainless SteelProduct Material : Precious Resin & Metal Warranty Five Years Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects...

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MANAGER (piston filling system) + Waldmann 18K Gold Nib

Fountain pen with 18K Gold nib0161iridium tipped stainless steel nibcap with screw systemwide deep lines pattern with engraving spaceeye-catchy Waldmann logo on the top dome designed with brilliant black hand lacquering highly polishedpiston filling systemOne feature that shouldn’t be overlooked is its unique piston filling system which provides an small reserve of ink that visible through the ink window by extending the piston mechanism, providing enough ink for several more pages of writing. An added benefit to this design is that the filling knob remains extended, acting as a reminder to refill the pen while still allowing the cap to post securely during use.steel clipcomponent parts rhodium platedFountain pen with gold nib: M-size4778iridium tipped 18ct. ‘750’ gold nib bi-colourcap with screw systemwide deep lines pattern with engraving spaceeye-catchy Waldmann logo on the top dome designed with brilliant black hand lacquering highly polishedsteel clippiston filling systemcomponent parts rhodium plated..

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