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The Reason to choose Kaweco Ball Pen (Made in Germany)

The Reason to choose Kaweco Ball Pen (Made in Germany)

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【Trivia of Ball Pen】

1. When was the ball pen invented?

-In 1938, the Hungarians Biro brothers independently designed and invented ballpoint pens, which benefited the entire mankind. The newly invented ballpoint pens cost as much as $10, which was expensive at the time. The pen tip has a diameter of about 0.1 cm, made of chrome steel alloy, pressure-resistant and wear-resistant micro steel ball, embedded in the round socket of the pen tip, if you slide the pen across the paper, the steel ball will press on the pen when it rolls. The ink in the tube is brought to the paper. This steel ball is the biggest feature of the ball pen.
-The prototype of the ballpoint pen was invented by American lawyer John J. Lauder on October 30, 1888

2. Why we call ball pen a "atomic pen" in Hong Kong?

-When Hong Kong Li & Fung imported ball pens from the United States to Hong Kong, the product did not have a Chinese name. The name was changed to "atom" because that period of time the word had high-tech imagery, such as atomic energy, atomic bombs, etc. The name "ball pen" stands for The invention is an innovative and breakthrough cutting-edge writing technology [selected from Wikipedia].

3. The "secret" in the tip of a ball pen

In addition, the ink of the ball pen is not just casual, and it has to be imported from several countries such as Germany and Japan.
-The precision requirements of one thousandth of a millimeter (0.001mm) are held by a few countries, which have been in the hands of Switzerland, Japan and other countries for a long time

The Reason to choose Kaweco Ball Pen

1. Although the pen barrel is made of plastic, the tip of the pen still insists on using metal to protect the nib

Do you know why the ball pen breaks ink? The tip of the pen falls to the ground and the ball is broken and it is impossible to save! Look at the ``black technology'' on the tip of the ball pen

2. Kaweco's iconic octagonal pen body (pen barrel) will not be busy, mainly because of the design of the gripping position, which makes the fingers grip more snugly.

3. The pen tube is made of Macrolon (ABS) plastic, sometimes referred to as the main advantages: strong and light, fireproof and approved for food grade.

4. The unique precision component Thrust device thrust device design, and many plastic pens are rarely found in the interior of the brass fittings and the spring is light, without the rebounding force of ordinary pens to rebound fingers!

5. Is it short and too thick? The total length of the pen body is 10.5cm, and the inner length of the index finger (5cm) is measured.

The secret of the Ballpen Tip

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