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Flash Sale Every Week

Flash Sale Every Week

Posted By: 筆先生

Please pay attention to this post... only three days ????
Everything is arranged from heaven. If you miss it, don't regret!
---- A different world-Different offers ----
Quick flash, flash flash, flash flash
Snap up that pen! Remember to talk e.g. (I want to flash number 13)
Arrange for self-pickup at Mongkok Silver City Plaza or SF Express to pay after payment
Mr. Pen (Online Shop) Mong Kok Pickup Point:
  25th Floor, Silver City Plaza, 2A-2H Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mong Kok, Hong Kong
Office hours Monday to Friday: 10 am to 6 pm
Discount pen pal club

Kaweco ball pen
(13) Coconut ᙒ only 1 piece
(14) Banana ᙒ only 1 stick
(15) Lime ᙒ only 1 bottle
(16) Mandarine ᙒ only 1 piece
(17) Rose Gold ᙒ only 1 piece
(18) Mint ᙒ only limited to 2
(19) Blue Berry ᙒ only 1 bottle
(20)AL Light Blue ᙒ 2 pcs only
(21)AL Black ᙒ 2 pcs only
(22) Brass ᙒ only 1 piece
(23)Anthracite ᙒ only 2 sticks
Until Friday, 2020. May 21 ????
Good Luck, Don't Be Late. Till Friday 2020. May 21 (Friday)
Private message or whatsapp 90841538