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Children's Creative Relaxing Calligraphy Class for 4 lessons (1hr each)

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Brand: 筆先生

Product Code: chinese-writing-classes

Tags:  Calligraphy

Children's Creative Relaxing Calligraphy Class
Every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 1:00 PM to 5:00 PM
English + Chinese + Complete learning with letters and culture
We look at "Calligraphy" as a whole and overall development of all aspects from the culture based oriented.
This will be the last course of the century for your children to learn complete learning of Chinese in writing, language and culture

Course details:
-Understanding of paper, pen and ink
-The origin of English A-Z
-Chinese language and culture
The courses are mainly teaching to write and understand Chinese "Seal Script" + "Regular Script"
Teach students the correct writing and sitting posture, font structure, stroke order and writing method to improve students' basic writing skills.
 Teachers will arouse the students' interest in language learning!

English student please notify us to have special class, all classes are conducted in Cantonese only.

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